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Industrial Marketing was the birth of an idea created in the fall of 1968 to bring a new marketing concept to the Southwest. This idea embodied selling standard and special metalcutting tools through select industrial distribution in a six state territory, including such states as Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Kansas and Missouri.


Today, Industrial Marketing's breadth of product mix is strategically organized from metalcutting tools, to MRO to safety products. Based in Houston, Texas, Industrial Marketing aspires to be the premier industrial solutions sales agency. Our channel focus includes integrated supply distributors, industrial, specialty tool and fastener, construction, welding supply, contractor and safety supply concerns. In addition, Industrial Marketing provides custom tool modification and resharpening services, coupled with custom bandsaw blade welding capabilities with the capacity to weld bandsaw blades from 1/8”-2-1/2” in width.


Our coverage has expanded along with our product focus to now include Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Mississippi and Western Tennessee. We have strived to select quality global manufacturers who are perceived as experts in their field for the quality of products they produce, coupled with the level of service they deliver to industry. Our evolution and growth have dictated the development of five regional sales offices throughout our region in Kansas City, Missouri; Omaha, Nebraska; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Dallas, Texas; and Houston, Texas.


Industrial Marketing serves a vast array of end markets, including industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, farm machinery, agriculture, specialty contractor’s, welding, power generation, medical instruments, transmission equipment, home appliances and petroleum-chemical energy markets.


Our marketing concept involves driving consumers to make purchasing choices aligned with the ideals of product superiority and performance excellence. Industrial Marketing markets our manufacturer’s products through a network of distributors who have synergistic strategic direction in market share growth and penetration. For most product lines, selective, multi-channel network distributors are selected as a vehicle to move products from the point of production to the point of consumption. This allows our sales force to support and effectively concentrate on one to several distributors who can service multiple consumers.


Our goal at Industrial Marketing is to keep up with tomorrow - to change with technology by using the latest equipment, machinery and service to meet the ever changing market’s needs. Our representatives possess highly trained and skilled knowledge, experience and cultivated relationships. In short, our representatives do their utmost to form a talented team. We work together to provide the finest service and best quality products…this is the key to increased productivity today and tomorrow.

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