We are about much more than just developing business through innovative strategies. We offer technical consulting, product line meetings and project management programs to educate your staff and your customers. Sign up today to learn more.




Get the latest information on new products, marketing material, product bulletins, literature and much, much more for each of our product lines.  As new products are launched, you will find it here first!


We represent the finest manufacturers in each class of industrial applications. From round tools, to indexables, to tool holding and work holding solutions, we represent a prodcut line that can accomplish your toughest task.




Industrial Marketing was the birth of an idea created nearly 50 years ago, bringing a new concept of ​professional sales representation to the industrial metalworking industry. This idea embodied selling high performance metal cutting tools by representing some of the finest manufacturers to a variety of customers who required improved productivity via the route of our technical consultative sales process.

Our marketing concept provides total service responsibility to our customers and principals. Our goal is to stay ahead of the competition by using a pull strategy to develop market share growth and acquisition via collaboration between manufacturers, industrial distributors and end users. 

As a part of our mission to develop, achieve and succeed, our agency has some of the most technically trained and sought-after engineering based talent in the industry. Our strength is in our engineering-based background sales agents who possesses a unique approach in the knowledge, use and application of metalworking tooling. 


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